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Load Cell with Overload Protection
Load Cell with Overload Protection
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  • Vtech Cranes is a new approach towards crane safe guard instrumentation. It senses and monitors the crane loading and automatically trips the UP motion under overload condition. The UP motion is restored automatically once the overload condition is removed

  • At a glance, the operator can find graphically the parameters of the machine connected to the system on his optional cabin or pendant graphical LCD Display also the large 5/10 inch high, 7 segments led display clearly displays the load lifted along with all error messages

  • The system can be configured, calibrated and operated from a distance by using radio linked remote control.

  • Avoid protect Incident and Accident ( humanlife, fineshed Valuable goods in Industries ) > Check Improve Break down time.

  • Avoide wear and tear of crane components / Increase Crane life.

  • Customize solution

Anti - Collision
Anti - Collision

Vtech Cranes Anticollision system is a safety device to avoid the collision of two electric overhead travelling cranes working on the same rails.

The system works on the principle of retro-reflective infrared waves. It consists of an emitter and sensor module and a special reflector. The emitter emits the infrared waves in the direction of the reflector. The reflector reflects these infrared waves back to the sensor. The sensor senses the presence of these reflected infrared waves and activates an alarm signal and stops / reduces the speed of the crane. Thus if the two cranes are away from each other then the reflected waves will not reach the sensor and the cranes operate normally. The sensing distance is adjustable. The anti collision system is specially designed for the Crane application and is suitable for the continuous duty.

Each set consists of an Emitter / sensor module and a Reflector. For one pair of cranes two sets of anticollision systems are required.

Supply Voltage 110 / 220V AC, 50 HZ
Output Contact rating range Potential Free contact rated at 5 AMP at 230 V AC
Range For KT 03-3mtr. Maximum, Minimum - 1.5 mtr.
For KT 10 - 10 mtr. Maximum, Minimum - 5.0mtr.
Indication LED
Laser alignment Tool for alignment of reflector and control unit.
Operating temperature Upto 70°C.
Sensitivity Adjustment 15% to 100%
Dimension Control Unit - 190 x 145 x 50 mm for
Reflector - 130 x 75mm

Radio Remote Control
Radio Remote Control
  • Enchances operator safety

  • Improves production efficiency

  • High maneuverability

  • Increases safety for plant & machinery

  • Unrestricted operator mobility

  • High safety standards & reliability

  • Microprocessor based technology

  • Suitable to operate smoothly crane

  • No Interference

  • No routine maintenance

  • Easy Installation

  • Light weight shock resistance transmitter

  • Low battery consumption

Pendant Push Button Station
Pendant Push Button Station
Features :
  • Light weight and User friendly
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Adequate cabling space
  • Double insulated enclosure in thermoplastics material
  • IP - 65 rating as per EN 60529 Operating temperature - 25°C to + 70°C